Friday, November 6, 2009

I am Vengence!

“I am vengeance!”

“I am fierce!”

“I cannot be stopped!”

Alex works his way towards his prey with slow steps. His body is alive with the power of the full moon, and his every movement is a display of deliberate action. Each month his body changed as the moon touched it giving him abilities beyond any simple mortal. On nights like this he could change shape becoming one with his animal self. This night was well suited for his crusade. He blends perfectly with his surroundings barely even moving the grass and bushes as he approaches the Appleton’s house. The darkness hides this predator. It aids his stealth with a comforting blanket of shadow. It was time for Alex’s neighbors to pay for what they did last week; the horror of it all still makes him shudder briefly.

He had watched frozen in place as the Ed Appleton had murdered the two brothers. It had been done behind the house so as to not attract attention, but no one had seen Alex there. It had been several minutes of cutting and cracking, the bastard even took the time to skin them before going back into the house! Alex stood transfixed as Ed, his wife, and his ten year old son Phil took the bodies inside. Alex couldn’t believe that even Phil was involved with this mess. Alex finally found himself able to move and crept close to the house only to discover that his neighbors, his “friendly and respectable” neighbors were about to eat the two brothers. This entire family had gone insane!

“Stay Focused! The atrocities dealt out in this house of evil must be avenged, and I am the only one powerful enough to complete this task.” Alex was getting closer to his objective and strained to notice any detail that could give him away. He moves around the rake left in the yard, pointed up like someone was preparing for a cartoon stunt to take place. He admires his dexterity as he dodges the sprinkler and just manages to keep himself from tripping on the hose. There is no noise other than the quiet crunch of the grass under his feet as he moves around the grill and up to the pack patio. His vengeance, his hate, his mighty rage cannot to sated with anything less than the grizzly revenge he had planned for this evening.

He had to be careful now; the back door loomed before him like the aluminum door to Hades itself! (As a note, Alex was not sure Hades had added a screen or even the polished brass trimmings like this door had.) This is where the waiting game began. His revenge would begin with the first family member to exit the back door. The crickets kept up their chorus with the nearby frogs adding a deep base, fitting sounds for the symphony of destruction that Alex was about to unleash. An hour passes, then two, “what is taking so long!” Then he felt it; that shudder in the foundation of a house that you feel after you hit the doorbell telling you of the approach of another. The dead bolt clicks and the handle turns. Alex readies himself no mortal can handle the fierce attack he is about unleash! The door swings open and Phil steps out into the darkness with the waiting monster and freezes. Alex attacks with all his speed and strength hoping to make the first kill a quiet one, but his hopes of stealth are dashed as Phil calls out.

“Dad there is a turtle at the back door,” Phil yells.

Ed’s voice carries from the living room, “what do you mean?”

“I mean a turtle, Dad. It’s moving right at me waving its arms and stuff. It doesn’t look like one of the snapping turtles we made into soup last week though.”

“Well put it back out by the pond then,” came the reply.

“Can I keep it? I have that old cage from the snake we had”

“I don’t care as long as you take care of it.”

“Sweet!” and just like that Phil defeated Alex; the world’s only wereturtle by picking him up and walking away with him. Revenge for the turtle soup will have to wait till the next full moon.


  1. Hah! Need some editing, but funny! No ninja turtles here, eh?

  2. Great set-up and twist. What Jeff said.

  3. That's a new one on me... Wereturtles!

  4. ROFL!!I love it! In fact I'm still giggling....."Alex readies himself no mortal can handle the fierce attack he is about unleash!" Hahaha!

  5. Very funny- you had me going though- I thought it was going to be full-on human horror. Nice twist!

    Poor little wereturtle :)

  6. that was awesome! lol. thanks for the chuckles! wereturtle...

  7. That was hilarious! Knew Alex wasn't human, but never guessed a turtle!