Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Perspective on War

There is a small percentage of the population that actually understands death and makes an easy friendship with it. These are the great heroes who slay the enemy, but are shunned when “normal” life begins again. These people have had a taste of war and find it difficult to change back to the pleasant naivety or every day life. They become angry at those they defended when they find them unwilling to listen to or understand them. So why not begin a different kind of war, something easy for those few to understand and still helpful?

Cops can only go so far, they are restricted by a screwed up set of rules that does more to keep criminals out of jail or out of the grave, then it does to keep the law abiding citizens of the world safe. Even so called “black ops” has to answer to somebody. We have a growing subculture of highly trained soldiers, with a taste for killing our enemies, and the need for a chance to keep busy, and yet no one considers how to effectively use them to protect our country.

I say go the Swordfish route! Let them find a way to finance themselves, provide them with connections to gun runners and illegal arms dealers, and cut them loose. If it gets done correctly you can have a group of motivated people who act independently of a set of rules that can take the fight to the enemy. They get their own fake passports, there own weapons, they can set up their own intel network all the while allowing the government to maintain a plausible deniability.

There is a show on TV right now that has three men who track down wanted terrorists, it would be so easy to slip in after them and put 2 in the skull of every person inside the building. There would be an outcry of, “that’s not right,” and “we must find these people,” but how hard would they really search for them. The whole world has become fed up with watching terrorists and criminals go free or hold hostage entire neighborhoods. This could be put to an end.

The left wing, huggy feely types will ask how to make sure they don’t get out of control, but I say who cares! If they kill an entire village of people in Iraq I think I might shrug, but there would be no feeling of sadness. Children threw grenades in our trucks and stabbed our soldiers, why would I feel sad at their passing. Women stood by and let their kids and husbands wage war on us while they did nothing, again no sadness for the loss. The fathers were and are the perpetrators of the violence and the oppressors of the weak in middle eastern society, who rape their sons, fuck their cattle (as I have actually been witness to), or simply keep their mouths shut while others do these things.

These people understand only fear, and until we show them that we are to be feared they will not stop going after us. The terrorists will have homes as long as there are no repercussions for housing them, but wipe out a city block because someone hid one terrorist, and things suddenly change. Now the population will scream about the hiding places and the stashes of weapons or explosives just to keep themselves and their families alive. They would very quickly come to fear these agents of death. Alas this is not a war most people could ever stomach, it is only those that have met death on a street corner and found him to be both interesting and funny (and even comforting) that could wage this war. Those that tell stories most me cringe from. Death’s little helpers.